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7374: Cap Haitien Walk

>From Bob Corbett


Bob Corbett
April 24, 1990

March 18, 2001 -- I just found the old hand written notes.   This was a
crazy day of wonderful experiences.  I had set out from the Roi Christophe
just to take a little walk.  I had no water and wasn't prepared to be gone
6-7 hours or more.  But, one thing led to another and I was simply

I don't know how much has changed in 11 years, but if any want a
marvelous, magical experience, I recommend this walk.  In the very late
afternoon, hot, sweaty, exhausted, sitting on the balcony of the Mount
Joli, drinking at least my 5th or 6th Prestige (the first three only
washed the dust out of my lungs), I made the notes below of where I had

Go to the water front north of the port.

--Take the water front street to the end (toward the open sea).

--Jog left one block and begin assent on a dirt road.

--In just a few hundred yards it will wind up to the left and you'll see
	the remains of a first small fort with short squat cannons.

--Follow this road to the open sea and around to the left.  Thus the
	sea is north and you're walking west.

--Follow this coast road to a very large fort (I believe this is Fort
	Piccolo) which has neat tunnels and lots of cannons.

--Continue on a narrow dirt path past Fort Piccolo at its top.

--After a short while it will turn left (sea is still on your right),
	and you seem to be going nowhere.

--Stay with it.  (Blessed are they who persevere.)  You'll climb into
          jungle-like hills, simply fabulous.  Just continue to follow the
          trail, such as it is.  

--Soon you will come to the ruins of a French plantation including a huge
          40-50 foot deep well, and a stone arch way entrance.

--Eventually, 1 to 1 1/2 hours later, you'll come down the other side
          to the sea again, and on the sea is another remains of old

--Once down at the beach (I climbed back up around some rocks, then
          down to the beach), I could see several large buildings up

--Find a path inland (on your left).  And I do mean a path.  Much of it
          was just farm land walking carefully between rows of plants.

--Take this a long way to the main road.

--Turn left at the main road and it will take you back to O Kap.

--Unlike me, bring water, some nuts or other snacks, even a flashlight
          I was worried about getting lost and caught out there at dark.
          If I were doing it again I'd take toilet tissue as well.

Bob Corbett