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7375: Daniel Kedar's book Haiti Reflection

>From Bob Corbett:

Some months ago some one wrote in asking about Daniel Kedar's book
of photographs, Haiti Reflections.  I've since acquired a copy
and want to report that is filled with  marvelous and uplifting 
images of Haiti. 

HAITI:  REFLECTIONS photographs by Daniel Kedar.  Port-au-Prince:
Shiboumba, S.A., 1999.  Kedar may be reached at dkedar@shilboumba.com
and a web page is at:  www.kedar.net

It is a book without words and it needs none at all.  Yet
a message is revealed in the clusters of photos.  The opening
set is on the sea -- fisherman, boats, beach, the sea.  Then
we shift to very colorful carnival scenes.  The third section
is my favorite -- portraits of people, mostly just heads and
the beauty and expressions of all Haiti are written in those
few dozens photos.  These are followed by a long section which
feature children and young folks.  The color and creativity
of shots in this section is noteworthy.

A short section of the Citadel and other buildings and then
natural wonders follow, soon blending toward human made things 
such as taptaps and market layout of fruits, vegetable and grains.

A hilarious section is next:  things being carried on the head.
Oh my, lots of good laughs in this marvelously shot group of
over 2 dozen.  A creative section follows of signs on buildings
and walls, and the book ends with sorts of house parts and gingerbread

The book is colorful, upbeat, well-conceived and brilliantly
photographed. This is a Haiti to have on your coffee table.  It
won't educate one of the poverty or politics of Haiti.  Nor will
it bring moans of pity from those who are seeing Haiti for the first
time.  Rather, it will display a beauty and power of Haiti that
has won the hearts of so many of us.  A job well done.

Bob Corbett