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7381: Re: 7374: Cap Haitien Walk (fwd)

From: Francois Antoine Medard <amah@gwis2.circ.gwu.edu>

Hi all.
I am interested in reading up on Haitian History for an ongoing project I
am doing. I am going to Haiti this spring to visit historical sites
and to finally visit more of Haiti's beautiful countryside (that which I
never got to see while I was growing up). 
Could you please tell me which books, authors (french, english, whatever..)
I should look up? (I already have Madiou's first 3 in his series, and
I have James' BLACK JACOBINS). Also, could you suggest specific places I
should visit? I'm interested in any and all historical sites (big and
small). I've been to Sans Souci, La Citadelle, and Fort Jacques (and
that other fort near Fort Jacques) but can't remember how some of these
are related to eachother or what their specific roles were. I am planning
to spend a lot of time reading about these places and actually seeing
them, so I am looking for as much (accurate) detail as possible. Also, any
really scenic places I should visit would be great too. Thanks in advance 
for your help. 
-Amah Medard-