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7382: Genealogical Inquiry: names, dates, locations, etc.? (fwd)

From: amedard@gte.net

Re: 7372:  "Re: African-derived words in Haitian Creole"

> More generally, given the well-documented cultural connections between
> Haiti and Dahomey (now Benin) it's not surprising that a large stock of
> Vodou-related words are etymologically connected to Fongbe.

Reading this post, and recalling Gilles' recent post <#7088: "Association de
gnalogie d'Hati update"), I started wondering:  are there any records with
names of ships, names and nationalities of ships' captains & crews, dates and
location of departure from Africa, dates and location of arrival in Haiti,
names of slaves transported, information about who owned who, etc.?

Am I correct in stating that Haitians have their origins in Benin?

Was Benin the only country from which slaves were brought to Haiti?

Was the fate of all Africans who came into Haiti on those ships way back when,
to become slaves, or did any hold higher or free status?   If so, what
determined status ... who was 'exempt' from slavery?

It seems such an impossible task:  how in the world can one trace Haitian
genealogy back to its African roots and beyond?

While I am at it, has anyone any information on Médard genealogy?  Benjamin

And Gilles, I do not find the old files ... the first ones without firm
documentation.  Has the URL changed or, now that records are being formally
documented, are you withdrawing the first database altogether?  (I hope not;
even though the information may not have had firm documentation, there was a
lot of valuable and/or helpful information within.)