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7408: current situation (fwd)

From: patrick sylvain <sylvaipa@hotmail.com>

A dear friend, who is living in Haiti, wrote part of this e-mail to keep me 
informed of the actualities from a personal point of view: "Things are very 
bad since saturday. Barricades everywhere in the city. I was not able to 
leave for the capital. We are blocked. I was tired of
staying at home, so I went to work and arrived just in time before they 
attacked  OPL that is just 3 streets from here. Now I cannot leave the 
office anymore I just have to wait 'till the wave of "kouri" with people 
with rocks and guns leave the area. Exciting times."

You know, I've gotten to the point where I'm beyond tired of being (us as 
Haitian or as a "nation") the laughing stock of ourselves. yes, ourselves. 
Our acts are so destructively cynical, that they are cradled rock-solid in 
apathy.  Indeed, we have allowed the white-racist-conservatives of this 
world to point to us and say: "they can't rule themselves."

We all know of the imperialistic and pseudo-colonizing nature or attitude of 
the superpowers; and as a "people" we have identified, named and analysed 
our "enemies'" strategies. Yet, despite our nationalistic or populist 
rhetoric, we continue to dig our grave. MAKOUT, LAVALAS, CONVERGENCE, 
Patrip˛ch, Boujwa-parazit, they are Haiti's grave diggers.  The problem 
originated from our lack of vision as a people and the hatred since slavery 
that we carry with us into the bedrooms. What we produce reflects our 
condition, our pathos as a people. Let's put the nationalistic rhetoric 
aside, do we really love ourselves? Do we trust, respect and support one 
another as Haitian? What kind of love do we have for Haiti, if any? Again, 
let's put the rhetoric aside and reflect upon our material condition that is 
shaped in historical and social contexts.

I trully enjoyed many of the posts, but I'm challenging my fellow Haitians 
to adopt a humanist language and to reflect with honesty about our 
conditions as a people, as a nation.  Nearly two hundred years of 
"independence," what is our legacy? What are we building and saving for our 
posterity? Of course, I will never negate our brave, clever, glorious 
revolution. It was indeed glorious. But, then what?  If not in 1804, at 
least 1934 should have been a starting point for nation building.  Instead, 
we are degrading. We are developing toward under-development.  A progression 
into a chaotic regression.  Do not scream and be upset when the media refer 
to us as the poorest nation in the Hemisphere.  We are poor, dirty, corrupt, 
unstable and filled with self-hatred.  Please, do not be quick to say "I."  
Let's look at the collectivity. We know there are beautiful and honest 
Haitians. We know.  But, let's reflect with honesty.  Let's grade ourselves.

Wouldn't it be a shame when we do go through another occupation!

In hope of democracy, love and veritas,

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