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7407: RE: 7380: Re: 7368: Help wanted (fwd)

From: Pascal Antoine <PascalA@freshcom.com>

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..please tell me how I may access or acquire a copy of this Karnaval CD?
..let me know if they have video of this years Carnaval..

If you happen to be in the New York Metropolitan area you can get the items
you are looking at what I think is one of the best Haitian record stores in
the States. I discovered it just last year and have been a faithful client
ever since. It's called Digital Records and is located on Flatbush Avenue in
the heart of New York's Haitian community. They have 'Rasin', 'Konpa',
'Bolero', and yes, 'Kanaval' music.

After my recent trip to Haiti for Kanaval 2001, I rushed to this store to
get the songs I had gotten so used to during my  stay. I found everything I
was looking for including a Kanaval video "hot off the press!". This store
was also the first to make me aware of Haiti's fledgling film industry. I
never knew there were bona fide Haitian movies! I have since bought many
films (of varying quality) which have helped keep in tune with, and better
understand Haitian society and my Haitian roots.

If you're in Brooklyn, you can find Digital Records at 1239 Flatbush Avenue
or online at www.digirecs.com (unfortunately the site is fairly inadequate.)
Otherwise, I believe Sakapfet.com is selling a Kanaval cd online at

Hope this helps.

Pascal Antoine