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7411: Haitian Music on the Web (fwd)

From: Jim Frisken <jfrisken@hotmail.com>

Seemed to be a political lull on the Corbett list yesterday--26 of 35 posts 
were NOT about politics ( Bob must have been saving them up. )  At any rate, 
a good time to ask if anyone knows of radio stations that stream Haitian 
music broadcasts to the web.  Helpful to have URL of website but call 
letters and time of day plus time zone would do.

Actually, there is an alternative, which in many ways is better.  Live 365 
streams 30,590 member-created stations 24 hours a day without commercials, 
and at least 8 of those stations specialize in Haitian music.  One that I 
like is La Voix d'Haiti.  You need a player to listen but most music sites 
let you download one free ( I use Real Player.)   Go to       
http://www.live365.com     Type in   haiti   in the search space and click 
on    go   , then click on any of the 8 stations.    You can save the icon 
on your screen and just double click it when you want music in the future.   
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