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7412: Re: 7410: Re: 7383: and 7409: zombies (fwd)

From: Jim Frisken <jfrisken@hotmail.com>

Much has been made of the fact that the zombie powder brought back by Davis 
wasn't strong enough to work but, so what?  The best evidence for  "zombies" 
actually comes from Japan where the puffer fish is served in some 
restaurants to  adventurous gormets.  Some have died but a few have been 
zombified.  One woman was taken to the morgue, woke up in the middle of the 
night and went home.  Must have been a bit of a shock for her husband!    C. 
Narcisse would seem to be a true example of a Haitian zombie.  I have a 
video that includes an interview with him.  I agree that there probably have 
been very few real zombies, but it doesn't take many does it,  to get the 
message across.  In another documentary video that I have, a team went to 
Haiti and did DNA tests on three young men that family members identified as 
their dead children, who had returned as zombies.  None of the three were 
shown to be related to the "parents".  The parents obviously just wanted it 
to be true and "adopted"  these mentally handicapped men.   If nothing else, 
this must show that these people believe in zombies, at least they believe 
in their zombies.                               Jim
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