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7479: Tokay Question (fwd)

From: Pascal Antoine <PascalA@freshcom.com>

Having recently returned from Kanaval 2001, one of my favorite songs was 'La
Pè' by a Rasin group called Tokay. Like most Kanaval songs, the lyrics to
this one have political overtones. One of the catchier refrains goes;

Le y ap reglé zafè pa yo
Nou pa fouré bouch nan zafè yo
Le n ap reglé zafè pa nou
Yo fouré bouch nan zafè nou

When they take care of their business
We don't stick out mouths [noses] in their business
When we take care of our business
They stick their mouths [noses] in our business

Who are the 'they' [yo] that Tokay is referring to? I thought it was a clear
reference to the Opposition Party. My grandmother, however, seems to think
they are referring to the American government or the international community
in general. Someone please shed some light and, if possible, I'd love to
learn a little more about Tokay and what they are all about.

If you have RealPlayer, you can listen to this song at
http://www.haitixchange.com/kanaval2001/tokay.ram or by going to
http://www.HaitiXchange.com and clicking on 'music from Kanaval 2001.'


Pascal Antoine