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7480: Expect some list delays: Corbett's moving

>From Bob Corbett

Folks, today I am moving from my campus apartment in Vienna, Austria
into the city center.  That fact itself would not cause any
disruption.  However, this apartment on campus is hooked up to
the network and the new apartment, while having many great benefits
for me, doesn't have a phone, thus no internet hook up.

However, unlike the difficult situation back in 1998 when so
many of you donated money to my phone bill, this year I am
living close enough to campus go get here and use the computers
in the lab more often.  I teach two days a week and will probably
be here more like four or even five days a week for a bit.

Nonetheless, messages are likely to move more slowing and occasionally
whole days may go by when I don't get on-line, so be patient,
reintroduce yourself to your family, plan ahead for items that
are dated (meetings, lectures, screenings and the like).  I'll do
the best I can.  I only have this apartment for 7 weeks, then
like a wanderer, I'm move again, but hopefully NOT back on campus.
I just need a bit of distance from my much too eager students.
(That's a complaint I never thought I'd seriously make, but I do.
They're at my door day and night.)

The list is caught-up for now.  Since I'm moving I may not get 
back on-line today, or not much more, and then, once moved --
well we'll see.

Thanks for your patience and understanding,

Bob Corbett