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7480: More on Cap Haitien Walk (fwd)

From: Perdue and Persinos <vtandwi@erols.com>

Madison Bell suggests a visit to Fort Liberte.  It will be a great
experience.  Before you go read Robert Pettigrew's "Story of Fort
Liberte and the Dauphin Plantation."  This is a rare book but readily
available via inter liobrary loan.  See the old fort at Fort Liberte.
Time permitting, hire someone with a rowboat and visit the old forts
along the entrance to Fort Liberte Bay.  The outermost, at the ocean,
is absolutely phenomenal.  Visit the old Plantation Dauphin ruins at
Phaeton and from there drive out to Deux Mamelles and see the old French
ruins there.  More time permitting, visit the old French bridge at
Ferrier.  Allow two days for the Fort Liberte area.  Well worth the

Bob Perdue