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7496: Pierre-Pierre clarifies position on Aristide

From: Haitian Times <publisher@haitiantimes.com>

So that everyone is clear. I wasn't lamenting the fact that Richard Morse
had turned against Aristide. Unlike Richard, I wasn't pro Aristide then, nor
am I anti-Aristide now. Aristide is a sympton of all ills in Haiti. He is
not a saint nor a devil. To attack or praise him shows a total lack of
understanding of the Haitian reality. Anyone who thinks that if Aristide
were to step aside tomorrow, haiti will become prosperous, is a fool just as
the people who think that he's the only solution for Haiti. Duvalier,
Namphy, Avril, Cedras,were all supposed to be the stumbling bloc to
progress. And where are they and where are we now. Every Haitian and friend
of Haiti have to look at themselves in the mirror and decide if they are
part of the problem or the solution.


garry pierre-pierre