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7495: Re: 7430: question on Haitian hip hop (fwd)

From: Constantin Severe <csevere@hotmail.com>

  I think the Fugees, with Wyclef and Pras where the first rap group to 
proudly extol its Haitianness. Before them there were other rap groups with 
rumored Haitian or Haitian-Americans members. One of the members of De La 
Soul is said to be Haitian American, probably because he has a french 
surname. There was also the Fu-Schnickens(sp.?)who reached their height of 
popularity when Shaquille O'Neal was a guest rapper on one of their joints 
around 1994 or 1995. From my own reflection of growing up in Brooklyn and 
Miami, there were a lot of Haitian kids trying to get involved in 
rap/hip-hop, but few tried to do it from a distinctly haitian perspective.
                              hopes this helps,

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