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7551: Fow˛m Ayisyen: A Haitian Creole Forum (fwd)

From: Guy Antoine <GuyAntoine@windowsonhaiti.com>

For all those interested in Krey˛l, the Haitian language, its phonology,
phonetics and phonemics, its orthography, morphology, and syntax,
its origins, evolution, and politics, some very serious but highly
accessible discussions are taking place on Fow˛m Ayisyen at
http://windowsonhaiti.com/bbs .

Wait a minute, do I really understand all the big words I just used in
the sentence above?  Not likely!!!  But do not worry, if like me you are
not well versed in the science of linguistics, you will still feel at home in
the company of our linguistic experts, because above all a great deal of
common (and uncommon) sense is the staple of that particular forum.
Expert terminology is only used in very small doses to keep the debates
accessible to all literate speakers of the language, who are aware of and
have adopted the most current and official standards of writing the
Haitian language.

The forum is open to all, but the use of languages other than Krey˛l is
strictly not allowed.  We do have one very discernable attitude: it's the
promotion and use of the Haitian language according to current standards,
and not in every which way some people unfortunately take to writing it.
Though it's not geared to beginners, one can learn tremendously about
the language just by reading the threads.  As for the topics, there really
is no restriction whatsoever, other than the welcome and self-imposed
attributes of honor, respect, and collegiality.

Guy S. Antoine
Windows on Haiti