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7552: Death of U.S. Citizen in PauP, March 23 (fwd)

From: Haiti Reborn <haiti@quixote.org>

A U.S. citizen, Maureen Neilson, 26 years old, was killed as she exited
a Sogebank office in Port-au-Prince on Friday, March 23. It appears that
it was an attempted robbery. Maureen had no money with her at the time
because she had not brought her passport into the bank with her. She was
shot in the neck and died en route to the hospital.

Maureen first worked in Haiti for the orphanage Lefanmi Selavi several
years ago. She has recently been working with another orphanage in

No other information has been made publicly available. If you would like
to express your condolences to Maureen's family and loved ones, you can
contact her church:
Spiritus Christi
60 Bittner Street
Rochester, NY 14604
www.spirituschristi.org, e-mail@spirituschristi.org
phone: 716-325-1180