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7589: Haiti from space (fwd)

From: Stuart M Leiderman <leidermn@hypatia.unh.edu>

Group: The best view of a portion of Haiti from space that I've found is
at http://earth.jsc.nasa.gov/loreshtml.cgi?PHOTO=STS094-728-024 from
Space Shuttle flight 94.  Pretty much the entire northern coast of Haiti
is visible, all the way to the Dominican Republic; at the upper right of
the image is the recognizable bay of Fort Liberte'.

Also, if you go the NASA's "Earth From Space" technical search website at
http://earth.jsc.nasa.gov/page.html and enter "haiti", you can download a
very high resolution image of this scene.  I wish I could find an equally
good view of the rest of the country and one of the Dominican Republic.
Maybe if we wrote NASA as a group, they'd ask the next Shuttle crew to
snap these, too.

Thanks for an excellent e-list.

Stuart Leiderman

"Environmental Refugees and Ecological Restoration"
Environmental Response/4th World Project
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