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7588: RE: 7552: Death of U.S. Citizen in PauP, March 23 (fwd)

From: Pascal Antoine <PascalA@freshcom.com>

>A U.S. citizen, Maureen Neilson, 26 years old, was killed as she exited
a Sogebank office in Port-au-Prince on Friday, March 23.

A friend of mine in Haiti jut informed me that he saw a dead white man near
the Toyota dealership on Delmas today (04/03/01). He says he seemed to have
been tortured, was undressed and had taken a bullet to the head. He didn't
know if the man was American, Haitian, or whatever, but said the man was
definitely white. Does anyone know anything about this?

All of this is sort of shocking to me since, although violence has been
escalating, foreigners (especially Americans) have rarely been targets. With
the death of Maureen Neilson, and now this, that seems to be changing and I
wonder if American response will change if this trend continues. I will be
combing the news for information on this incident and would appreciate
further info.

Pascal Antoine