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7596: RE: 7585 - "Defernding the King" (fwd)

From: archim <archim@globelsud.net>

     The title for this subject is "Defending the President".
        Richard's posting re: "Defending the King" is unbelievably 
     interesting and surely proves my point. Just as those who did not have 
     a crown or a noble title ("Duke de Mermalade, Duchess de Limonade, 
     Baron de Banane, etc.)  during Christophe's reign were the bad ones, 
     it could well-be that the same situation prevails today in Haiti. Our 
     President is extremely popular and powerful in a good and kindly 
     manner (like Christophe), and a lot of persons, hopeful of positions 
     of royalty  simply can't stand it. As a result,they continue to work 
     to topple the leader because they know they will never be able to have 
     any respectable position in Haiti as long as Aristide is in place. 
     There is only one official presidential sash, and it seems that a lot 
     of jealous persons want it. Best bet, as far as I can see, is to have  
     some smaller sashes or maybe even smaller crowns prepared, and 
     distribute them amongst those who have a "royalty fixation".
        Maybe President Aristide could make some of our political losers 
     dukes and duchesses and barons now, give them a sash and tell them to 
     go back to their castles! (Suggested peerages might be [in Kreyol, of 
     course]: "Duc de Delma 85"; "Marki de Muso"; "Bawon de Boudon", etc.) 
     I think I have a couple of extra crowns in my depot!