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7597: Re: 7588: Nouvelliste gives information (fwd)

From: JVoordouw@aol.com

Pascal Antoine <PascalA@freshcom.com> writes:
<< A friend of mine in Haiti jut informed me that he saw a dead white man near
 the Toyota dealership on Delmas today (04/03/01). He says he seemed to have
 been tortured, was undressed and had taken a bullet to the head. He didn't
 know if the man was American, Haitian, or whatever, but said the man was
 definitely white. Does anyone know anything about this?

Regarding the above case, the Nouvelliste of 3 April 2001 writes the 

"This Tuesday a foreigner was killed by a police patrol on Delmas 4.

According to testimonies collected on the spot, it seems that the victim 
tried to rape a school girl.

This foreigner, who was practicing sexual violence, refused to comply with 
police orders, demanding to release the adolescent."

I have not heard other versions of the news as yet.

Jan Voordouw