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7598: RE: 7578 - Responding to Professor Durban (fwd)

From: archim <archim@globelsud.net>

     (And by the way, the use of "Professor Durban" is not meant to be 
     sarcastic. I want to do things properly so that my paper will be 
     graded without prejudice.)
        1.- First of all, I would not want to be in President Aristide's     
            shoes (especially since he is up to his "arms".... I take it     
            that "arms" is what you meant by "a..." in question No. 1. If he 
            is only up to his ankles, I might take the chance, but ankles    
            has too many letters for your spaces!)
        2.- With the situation as it is today, I would do the same things   
            that the President is doing today.
        3.- I agree: the past is past, except that the doers of naughty things   
            in the past should be brought to account for their evils now...in    
            the present.
        4.- Any forward and positive thinking/planning today (now) can be        
            classified as "ivory tower" thinking since we really have to start   
            on the ground floor and everything/anything is a move "up" from      
            where we are. I'll even opt for a mud and wattle tower now.
        5.- So far, without counting the numbers, I have used 180 words. That    
            means that I have 120 words left, or 98 left, counting this          
     SO.....This is what I say: 1. Support our president
                                2. Outlaw parallel governments
                                3. Fix E d'H
                                4. Catch the drug dealers
                                5. Enforce security
                                6. Erase governmental corruption
                                7. Concentrate on educational development
                                8. Improve available medical attention
                                9. Place price controls on basic foods
                               10. Stop foreigners (and others) from making 
                                   millions at the expense of our people.
        There you are...and I have 48 words left, so use my closing 
     sentence and my name to bring it to 300...or less.