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7618: Nuance (fwd)

From: mihoko tsunetomi <miho0087@tctv.ne.jp>

   As the one raised not in Haitian nor Anglo-Saxon cultures,
yet with full of nuances, I have been struggling how I should
understand the words spoken in Haiti.  Our nuance, especially
when we are reluctant to speak direct, has often been
misunderstood.  During the period of Japan-bashing, some of
the blames were on our side.  When we can't say no, we often
use the expression, "we will think about it in a forward-looking
manner" which US thought yes, but actually no.  In some 
extreme case if you are literally invited to join lunch at your
friend's house, it is time for you to leave.  This may be a 
kind of beauty among the insiders, but would not work,
if not with Anglo-Saxon, but universally.  
    When President Aristide came to Japan some years ago,
I had hard time understanding his speeches.  When you are
offered whisky or cola, you cannot choose orange juice
which is not available.  If that is what he means by  the third
way, I want to know how I can make it by mixing two with
water or sugar.  I am always thankful to this forum for the
help of the helpless, but if I can wish more, it is exactly
this role.  Understanding both cultures, I hope these
distinguished diasporas will be the very best translators
so that I will not make mistakes to my Haiti information.
Otherwise, a poor Watson will be completely lost without

Mihoko Tsunetomi