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7619: Re: Durban Challenges Corbetters (fwd)

From: Phil Knowles <Phildk@prodigy.net>

What should President Aristede do?

I'm not Haitian, and I've never run a country (or a company), so answering
is fun but not very meaningful.

1) Speak to the people about his realistic intentions and policies.

2) Encourage every effort to 'clean up' the judicial system. Maybe with the
help of the new group from Miami.

3) Push hard for arrest and proper trial of  the current bunch of trouble
(as in shootings) makers.

4) Work with the best people in other Caribbean countries  -  and people
like President Arias in Costa Rica.

5) Develop some kind of "Development / Manufacturing Zone" legislation so
there can be manufacturing. The market is there, but Haiti is not trusted.
Wages cannot be so high they fail to attract business. Working conditions
must be safe and clean. Try quiet cooperation and coordination with other
South and Latin American countries, trying to gradually raising the wage and
working conditions throughout the region so the work can't flow to the
cheapest and worst.

Phil Knowles