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7620: Re: 7578: Durban Challenge-Dorce chimes in (no pun) (fwd)

From: LAKAT47@aol.com

In a message dated 04/04/2001 4:47:05 AM Pacific Daylight Time,  Lance Durban 
<lpdurban@yahoo.com> writes:

<< What would contributors to this list suggest he do?  To offer
 something comparable, consistent, and hopefully helpful, here
 are the ground rules:
  1. Put yourself in Aristide's shoes.
  2. The situation is exactly as it confronts him today.
  3. No venting over or criticizing of the past.
  4. Avoid ivory tower theorizing and philosophizing.  
  5. Keep response to 300 words max and answer the question...
                   (before end-June) >>


* I would work with my staff, the Parliament, and the Prime Minister to 
stabilize the country. I would find, disarm and detain those who are 
committing crimes for whatever reason, whether to discredit the government 
and bring back the army or simple thievery and murder.  

* I would brainstorm with the best minds of Haiti and friends of Haiti 
(people not countries) and figure out how Haiti could run itself without 
taking the foreign aid that cripples them, rather than makes them whole.  AND 
THEN DO IT. Too much time and effort is being put into answering the arrogant 
demands of the US government (who has no room to judge). 

* I would begin teaching the people of Haiti to change their old habits and 
patterns so that real progress can be made.  Make the people partners in 
improving the country.  This could be done regionally by town meetings and on 
radio and television.

* I would do the obvious, clean the cities, move toward free education, 
create jobs....but this is being done now.  

The main thing is to stop the old guard from gaining ground.  They either get 
in step with democracy or they get out of Haiti. And if they are committing 
crimes, they get arrested.  Their day is over.  

I see these things as essentials, not ivory tower theorizing.  Until they are 
taken care of, any progress will be elusive.

Kathy Dorce (and Lance, the least you can do is give us your ideas!..;)