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7627: re 7607 - Presidential mansion tours. 8th april (fwd)

From: jacqualine labrom <ljacqui@haitiworld.com>

One can do tours of the Presidential Palace.  I was working for SET the
other year (Sec. of State for Tourism) and asked there if anyone knew
someone at the palace who could arrange a tour for the Intl. Women's Assn.
and when I got through to the Palace I said 'is it possible'?  and they
said, yes of course, we have tours all the time. It was true they do tours
for schoolchildren all the time, and we had a great tour of the Palace.
There was some work being done in the Palace at the time and we didn't get
to see absolutely everything. So if you have a group get in touch with them.
I'm sure Michelle Karshan who is on the Corbett List would give us the
contact name and number.

Its lovely inside!!!

Jacqui Labrom

'Journeys for the enlightened traveler'
'Voyages pour le touriste éclairé'
'Los viajes para el turista iluminado'