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7635: President for 100 Days - Anonymous Please (fwd)



There is one thing we need to know:  if you are
involved in crime, like my president has been, (we all
know about the killing of Mireille Durocher Bertin,
Senator Toussaint (not Dany), Jean Dominique, etc) it
would be difficult to make a sudden 360 degree change.
Some of you might not even think about it, but if
Haiti has a free senate in the next 100 days, we don't
know what could happen - such as investigation about
crime, investigations about corruption, etc.  

No president would like to be judged.  Now, let's say
the above mentioned items did not exist, this is what
Aristide could do:

1.  Forget about his hidden agenda (ie. staying in
power forever).  

2.  Start negotiating with the opposition in order to
have the support of the international community.  

3.  Start arresting everyone who is involved in crime
(such as Ronald Cadave and his gang, the ex-Lavalas
militaries in the National Palace that are involved in
crime, police officers involved in the drug trade,
senators and deputies that are involved in extortion
and corruption).

4.  Start appointing honest reliable judges.

5.  Clean the judiciary system by putting modern
equipment, video cameras, file cabinets, train
administrative staff to know how process files, etc.

6.  Start identifying the criminals in Haiti by doing
a daily or weekly "Crime Stoppers" or "Haiti's Most
Wanted" on TV.  Then the population will help in
identifying the criminals (with the help of tripotay).

By this time insecurity will stop and world-wide
investors will start coming to Haiti.  Peace will be
in the head, then peace will be in the belly of every
Haitian.  Diasporas will come back, money will start
flowing.  Schools, roads, hospitals and basic
infrastructure can be built.  Then the people of Haiti
will see a brighter future and will confidence in
their country.