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7636: Re: 7622: RE: 7605: Copyrights laws in Haiti and Aristide (fwd)

From: Jean Jean-Pierre <jean@acd-pc.com>

> Pascal Antoine wrote:
> "There are several companies that sell Kanaval videos. The one produced by
> Classic Video Productions and PVS Communications (which seems to be the one
> you got) comes in two flavors; one with the actual Kanaval procession
> (defile) and one with music videos of Kanaval bands (klips). "

I wonder if  PVS Communications and Classic Video Productions have respected
Haitian copyrights laws by getting authorization from the bands included in
those videos and properly paying corresponding royalties.  Remember President
Aristide did pass on August 14,1995 a law (the legislature was out of session
therefore he was governing by decree) reintegrating Haiti to the Berne
Convention which protects the rights of authors worldwide.  Better yet, are the
authorities of Aristide's present government and artists, writers, mimes etc..
aware of such law thus they can make people who are violating it accountable?
Jean Jean-Pierre