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7637: Re: 7621: Re: 7599: Special Oloffson rates for list-members!!! (fwd)

From: JRAuguste1@aol.com

Key words: $, $US, $H, Oloffson, Ram.

David Stiddem's assumption that the cut rate of $50 offered for Corbett 
listers at the Oloffson means 250 Gourdes may be correct and also could be 
wrong. It all depends on which dollar Richard meant: the real dollar from the 
United States or the nonexistent dollar from Haiti. The only official 
currency Haiti has is the Gourde which can be divided into centimes and yet 
Haitians in Haiti keep talking about Haitian dollar. 
Ah! Haiti! the country where you can't believe what you see nor can't trust 
what you hear.