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7649: looking for a volunteer interpreter (fwd)

From: Joanis <joanis@sympatico.ca>


Project Teach/Konbit Pwof, a volunteer teacher-training initiative, is
looking for one more interpreter to join its team in Jacmel this summer,
July 8-21.  The interpreter will be translating from English to either
French or Creole for Haitian teachers attending a professional
development seminar.  Teaching experience and a strong knowledge base in
high school- level science are important assets.

Project Teach/Konbit Pwof is completely independent and secular.  It has
no religious or government affiliation.  All volunteers -- teachers and
interpreters -- pay their own travel costs to get to Haiti (if coming
from outside the country).  Project Teach/Konbit Pwof will pay all
expenses in Haiti, except for private travel independent of the project.

For more information about Project Teach/Konbit Pwof, please visit our
web site:

Interested applicants should write to Pierre Joanis
(joanis@sympatico.ca), stating their relevant qualifications and
experience.  They will also need to submit letters from two references
(personal and professional) and a resume.

We are interested in filling this spot as soon as possible.


Thank you,
Pierre Joanis