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7650: Duvalierist ideology is alive and well (fwd)

Anonymity requested

C. Henrius haiti@ixks.com wrote :
"I'd make it a requirement for any non-Haitian (no exceptions) to present a
course completion certificate before being allowed to enter the country.
This course would include a study of basic  economics in Haiti including the
short and long term effects of various types foreign aid and charities, the
historical importance of Vodou in Haitian culture, short history of
colonialism, slave trade, and revolution in Haiti, basic ideas about
ethnocentrism and the value of cultural variance, and at least enough Creole
to be able to ask for directions on the street and show some respect for the
citizens of your host country."

The Duvalierists having made their way to Aristide's government and KEP, no
wonder that the Duvalierist ideology is quietly spreading.