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7745: New American Ambassador

From: OLOFFSONRAM@aol.com

I met the new American Ambassador in Haiti a couple of weeks ago at a
Thursday night RAM show of all places. Of course I antagonized him
him" might be a more appropriate term) to see if he was one of those
professionals they send in when everything is all f****d up. Yes, he is a
and yes, I did enjoy my conversation with him. Word is, he's going to be a
bit more "culturally oriented", which is neither here nor there when you
consider the fear, violence and mayhem permeating life in Port-au-Prince.
Many anti-Aristide people expected President Bush to deal more quickly
the Haitian political situation but he's probably got a few debts to pay
Miami Cubans for his Florida election victory. If I'm not mistaken, the
plane incident happened at the same time the Miami Herald came out with
Florida election audit. Same ol same ol.
As some of you may know, my dad, Richard M. Morse, passed away on April
2001. I say this because he was a Latin American specialist and it might
of interest to some of the educators on the list. If there was one thing
tried to teach me, besides the never ending quest for knowledge, it was
Richard Morse