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7744: Morse on Goff

From: OLOFFSONRAM@aol.com

I haven't had a chance to read Mr Goff's book yet but am quite intrigued
the "Corbett reviews". I sense that Mr Goff, as perhaps Mr Rockwood, was
confused by his role as a soldier in Haiti. Were the soldiers heros? Yes.
Absolutely. Did they accomplish their mission? Yes. Absolutely. My
understanding of a soldier's objective or duty is to secure a designated
area. That was done. The failures came from those in policy. A soldier is
"in policy". A soldier executes policy. Once the policy makers tried to
an opposition (Fraph) on the population and legitimize them, the mission
became a failure( I'm referring to the time of post-intervention and
pre-Aristide return). The soldier's duty, however, is not to judge that  
policy. If a soldier has a problem with policy he or she should probably
either swallow or at a conveniant point find themselves another job. The
middle of a mission is not the appropriate place or time for a soldier to
exercise a new found enlightenment.
Richard Morse