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7776: Time magazine

I'm reading this quote in the May 7,  2001 issue of Time magazine where
Aristide says "I have to be realistic. Haiti needs investors." and then I
think of Jean Dominique getting killed, and the attacks on the other radio
stations; I think of self censureship, and my engineers telling me the
government told them to stop working (at gun point), and I think of mobs
the streets and airports being closed and ports being closed and
politicians being killed, trying to run for office in the May elections,
now the kidnappings, and I acknowledge, "yea he's still got some folks
him", but if he really wanted investors, he should have started working on
that back in '94, cause most people don't get a second chance and he did.
can wait five years for his term to end. I'm not sure Jeb Bush can. He's
Governor, and Haiti's in Dade County.
Richard Morse