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7775: Morse replies to Grey

Dear Kathy Grey,
I cringe at the thought of arguing with you but just because your approach
vodou is an option, it doesn't exclude Ms Dorce's husband's approach. I
remember a little street kid telling me (and i mentioned this once before)
"si ou te achte lwa w, ou tap mourri sou cha'a": rough translation, "If
had bought your spirits, you would have died on that float." Everyone's
their own option, everyone chooses their own route. It varies from house
house and community to community. Some people do ceremonies, some people
light candles, some people read cards, others have dreams, some people
sacrifice cows, some marry one spirit, some marry two, some don't marry
in some communities it's ghede and others it's kouzin and on and on and

Richard Morse