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7798: Haitian crisis: a la recherche d'une solution (fwd)

From: Senou <senou@yahoo.com>
										May 8, 2001

Ladies and Gentlemen:

Today, I would like to explore how we can find a way
to resolve this on going crisis. I believe in
objectivity and the respect of the individual rights,
I believe in democracy. I believe in dialogue, it is
the only reasonable mean we can resolve this current
conflict. We all had witnessed the change in South
Africa; we are seeing talks between the Palestinians
and the Jews. Nowadays, there are talks between North
and South Korea. Recently the Pope had visited Greece
and Syria, held mass together with the Muslim. All
these could not have taken place without dialogue. 
	We Haitians, we can engage in an honest dialogue that
will help us find a common solution for the benefit of
the country.  We can make Haiti once again becomes “La
Perle des Antilles”. My fellow countrymen, we are
bound to live together for the rest of our lives
whether you like it or not. Now, we have to find a way
to make the country a peaceful place to live.
	Here’s my proposition: A National Crisis needs a
National Solution.
The country has 9 departments, 41 Arrondissements, 133
communes add all of them together we have 180 members
plus the political parties and civil society, the
religious leader, also a member of the women movement,
the students, the peasant, the blue color worker and
the patron. As Haitians, we can sit together and find
a solution, which we all can live with then we can
make it public to the foreigners. That solution should
come within you; it cannot be imported nor forced. 
	All sectors shall be represented; all voices shall be
heard from extreme right to extreme left as long as it
is peaceful.
At the conclusion of the negotiation, if there will be
a need to form a new government, this government shall
reflect the country, all 9 departments must be
1)	A national counsel committee composes of 9 members;
each member shall come from a different department.
2)	A New electoral counsel composes of 9 members; each
member shall come from a different department.
3)	A new national government of 41 members, each
member shall come from a different arrondissement.
The national counsel will govern the country with the
president, the elimination of the primer minister
General election shall be held within 90 days of a
signed agreement. Anyone shall be eligibility to take
part in that election; the requirement to live in the
country five years prior seeking higher office shall
be revised. Anyone can be a candidate without
affiliating to be a candidate for higher office.   May
8, 2001

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