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7817: Re: 7799: Five-Year Plan to Fight AIDS (fwd)

From: Easytat@aol.com

Having a five years programme to fight HIV/AIDS in Haiti is a good 
initiative.  The people needs such a program.  I hope the government will not 
concentrate the money for the programme in Port-au-Prince.  Sure 
Port-au-Prince has lots of HIV/AIDS incidences, but our "Provinces" are 
affected as well.  The money must be decentralize to serve the needs of all 
Haitians, not only people in Port-au-Prince.
And also I hope this money will go under the table as it always does in 
Haiti.  In order for such a programme to work accordingly, there must be a 
watch on how the money will be spent.  Programme workers must be people who 
know the matter of HIV/AIDS, not the family of the people who are in charge 
of the program, practice that is common in Haiti.
I hope that this allocation of money for HIV/AIDS intervention can bring 
about some changes in the lives of the Haitian people.