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7816: Aristide's promises to President Clinton: (fwd)

From: Stanley Lucas <slucas@iri.org>

Aristide's promises to President Clinton:

1.	Rapid rectification of the problems associated with the May 21 elections through run-offs for disputed Senate seats or by other credible means.  This rectification is being facilitated by the work of the Lissade Commission.  

2.	Creation of a credible new provisional electoral council (CEP) in consultation with opposition figures to rectify the problems associated with the disputed Senate seats.  

3.	Enhance substantially cooperation to combat drug trafficking, including implementation of money laundering legislation and expansion of maritime cooperation, building on the October 1997 agreement, in order to allow access for U.S. Coast Guard anti-drug operations in Haitian waters.  Strengthen efforts, in collaboration with the U.S. and Dominican Republic government, to interdict trafficking across Haitian/Dominican Republic border.  

4.	Nominate capable and respected officials for senior security positions, including within the HNP.  Ensure that there is no interference in the professional work and conduct of the HNP by members of Parliament and others.  Take steps to enhance the professionalism and independence of judicial system.  

5.	Strengthen democratic institutions and protection of human rights through the establishment of a semi-permanent OAS commission to facilitate dialogue among Haitian political, civic, and business leaders and through International monitoring of the protection of human rights.  

6.	Seek to install a broad-based government including "technocrats" and member of the opposition.  

7.	Initiate new dialogue with international financial institutions concerning sound budgetary proposals and economic reforms to enhance free market and promote private investment.  Such measures will be aimed at reducing poverty and stimulation growth.  

8.	Negotiate agreement for repatriation of illegal migrants.