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7863: 1934 soccer questions

From: john kobylecky <kobyhadrian@hotmail.com>

Basically, what I need to know concerns a game played in the FIFA World Cup 
between Haiti and Cuba on 4 February, 1934.
This was a famous period in the history of Haiti football, for they entered 
the World Cup for the first time, and played threee games against Cuba on 28 
Jan, 31 Jan and 4 February.
I have found out details of the first two games. It is the third I need more 
info. about. The team lineups of both sides, who scored the goals in the 0-6 
defeat, and the timings of these goals.
I know that the opener was scored by Mario Lopez in the 3rd minute.
Maybe you have books/magazines of a sporting nature which might mention this 
game. It would be very helpful if you did.
John K.