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7862: RE: 7838: Re: 7823: Re: 7782: compasfest (fwd)

From: "Hoover, Julie H." <Hoover@pbworld.com>

> P D Bellegarde-Smith asks: What is the difference between "meringue" and
> "konpa?" Is the name meant 
> to differentiate between Dominican "merengue" and Haitian "meringue?"
	There is a big difference between the Dominican Merengue and the
Haitian Kompa.  The sounds and the beats of the Conga drums and the bass are
completely different.

	I hope my explanation helps.  My Kompa band, SergioCompaBand, will
be performing at Nouveau Manoir in Queens on June 9th, 207-13-15 Jamaica
Ave., telephone (718) 464-4400.

	Serge Lafontant, lafontantsp@aol.com