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7949: Slavin: Info on infohaiti.com? (fwd)

From: pslavin@unicefusa.org

First, a big thank you to Max Blanchet for his distribution of public documents 
and his enormous amount of translation work. It is appreciated.

Can anyone provide background information on infohaiti.com, the news 
organization that published the 14 May report on the Domininique investigation? 
Or has the time to put investigation between quotation marks? 

Had not heard of  infohaiti.com before Max's posting. I saw on their Web page 
that their PauP office is at Tropic FM, a station that displayed tremendous 
courage and professionalism during the Cedras coup 91-94 years, broadcasting 
news about Haiti through some hard times. During later visits to Haiti, I was 
disappointed that the station had lost its popularity. I thought they had more 
than earned it!