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7948: Flag Day Celebrations in Brooklyn (fwd)

From: Tequila Minsky <tminsky@ix.netcom.com>

 From Caribbean Life [Newspaper]
May 15, 2001

Massive Celebration On Brooklyn's Nostrand Avenue

For the past 11 years, Haitians residing throught the tri-state
area have been converging on Nostrand Avenue, between Clarendon Road and 
Avenue D, to celebrate the anniversary of their country's red-and-blue 
flag, which predates the country's independence from France.

The event, which brings together various cultural as well as musical 
groups, also draws a long string of "who's who" in the Haitian 
commmunity.  On that day revelers chat, clap
their hands, and jump aup and down to the electirfying beat  of Compas and 
music, wile otherg give speechers, sometimes taking the boisterous crowd 
through some interest aspect of Haitian history.

Thousands, some coming from as far away as Europe, Canada, and Haiti will 
converge on
the tiny stretch of Nostrand Avenue for an afternoon of fun, music, and 
The half dozen or so musical groups that so far have registered for the 
event are divided
into segments--Compas, (eg. Dieudonne Larose and Black Parent),  Racine,
(eg Racine au Camp and Manze),  Haitian hip-hop,  and  Folklore.

For more information 718--363-8587