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7962: Early list member: an inquiry and Corbett adds

From: Angel Adams <angyllmarie@yahoo.com>

Hi All,

I've been doing research that involves the Corbett list (many of you will
my posts on this from last fall), and I'm looking for information on the
newsletter that Corbett used to do before going to e-mail.  

Are there people on the list now who used to get that newsletter?  It
would be 
great to correspond with you.  I would also like to take a look at some of
newsletters (copies would be fine) if they are still floating around

Please contact me directly at: angyllmarie@yahoo.com or


Angel M. Adams


Corbett adds:  I do have two full sets of those early hard copy
newsletter and STRETCH magazines in my library.  But, those are
not accessible to me this year since some other folks are living
in my house and I'm here in Vienna.  But, some day, who knows when,
I would like to scan those documents and put them on my web site.
That may be a few years away!