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7995: Posted to Haiti

From: Darian and Veronika <bezdomovci@earthlink.net>

Dear List Subscribers,

I am a member of the Foreign Service being posted to the U.S. Embassy in 
Port-au-Prince.  My wife and I will arrive in Haiti in August to commence
two-year tour.  A young lady I met this weekend at the D.C. area Haitian 
Institute's annual authors' luncheon (whose presenters included, among
others, the 
remarkable Ms. Edwidge Danticat) was kind enough to bring this list server
to my 
attention.  I am by no means a scholar, and the postings I have read thus
far lead 
me to believe that I will be much more of a consumer of useful and
information about Haiti, rather than a meaningful contributor.
Nonetheless, I 
look forward to being a member of this cyber community, and I will strive
to find 
ways to make my participation worthwhile for all concerned.  Thank you.


Darian Arky