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8021: RE: 8013: Re: 8003: Re: 7996: Re: 7994: Re: 7987: Social Services (fwd)

From: Michele Percy <chelep@strato.net>

I don't know the original poster's ethnic or economic origin nor that of 
some others in this thread but, it can be difficult to walk in someone 
else's shoes when you don't know the terrain.  My perspective on life is 
white, American, and middle class.  This is not my choice, it's just who I 
am.  I believe that one of the wonderful things about this list is that we 
can assist one another in seeing life from another's viewpoint.  Let's not 
knock and divide but educate and conquer.  If more people begin to see the 
world as it truly is then we can begin to assist true education in making 
the world a better place to live for everyone, not just more education for 
education's sake.  Illustration's like the one Kathy made help us to better 
see the reality of the plight of Haiti without an "American" twist.

Respectfully, Michele Percy