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8020: Re: 8018: 8006 Vodou (fwd)

From: "Carrol F. Coates" <ccoates@mail.binghamton.edu>

Bob, for anybody who reads French, Lilas Desquiron published a thesis
(M.A., from Bruxelles) on the African origins of Vodou:
	Lilas Desquiron, RACINES DU VODOU (Port-au-Prince:  Henri Deschamps, 1990)
Although this was published close to the pub. date of the original French
of REFLECTIONS OF LOKO MIWA, it had been done in 1967-1968, according to
Jean Fouchard, who wrote an intro for RACINES....  Desquiron investigated
origins of Vodou in several different regions of West Africa (Dahomey,
Central Africa, the Bakongo, Bantus, etc.) and then discusses "Haitian
syncretism".  Her bibliography may bring some scholarly/ethnographic
sources to the attention of Haitianists who have not worked in the African

Best, Carrol