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8025: Re: 8015: Discussion of "Papa Toussaint" (fwd)

From: Carl <cj1972@rocketmail.com>

Hello everyone--

This is my first time posting to the list after a few
months, and it has been a wonderful learning
experience for me.  I did not have much interest in
Haiti (besides Jacob Lawrence's Toussaint L'Overture
series) until recently when my wife and I visited her
uncle and his family at Hopital Albert Schweitzer in
Deschappeles.  Since then I have been learning alot
about Haiti and I am especially fascinated with the
history of Independence.  Mr. Bell's books are
extraordinary and I'm looking to read "The Black
Jacobins" soon.  

What prompted me to post was to get some clarification
on this post here. 

 > The Haitian Institute's book reading group will
> on Sunday, May 27 at 
> Barnes and Noble Bookstore (12089 Rockville Pike -
> in the Montrose Crossing 
> Shopping Center) at 4:00 p.m.  

I'm sure this event doesn't take place in the
Chicagoland area, but I thought clarification was
needed anyway as to where it does take place.  If
there are any future Chicago events, or people on this
list from Chicago who would like to get together some
time, I would be very interested.  You can email me


Carl Wolf

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