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8024: 7956: Herbal medicine (fwd)

From: Riwilson <RIWilson@maf.org>

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Subject: 7956:  Herbal medicine (fwd)
Author:  KentRagsdale at PAPTEL
Date:    5/21/01 9:14 AM

Dear Richard:
Haiti has two herbal meds that help with kidney stones, don't know if it 
works for gall stones as well but maybe might.  They are:
Lougaou (not sure of the spelling) & 
Lamarre  "    "   "  "    "
Kent has used the Lamarre.  It's like a type of Spinach but not large 
leaves and make a tea of it.  We had a Haitien friend that used to grow it 
in his yard and took it each month as a preventive.  The problem is 
controlling dosage.