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8088: RE: Posts #8082-8079-8073 About Prosper Avril (fwd)

From: Jean Jean-Pierre <jean@acd-pc.com>

Indeed on June 30, 1994 United Sates Southern District Judge Wilkie
Ferguson, Jr odered a $41,000.000.00 (case # 91-3999-civ-Ferguson)
final judgment against Prosper Avril (Convergence) for having ordered
the torture of  Evans Paul (Convergence), Jean August Mesyeux, Marino
Etienne, Gerald Emile Brun, Serges Gilles (Convergence), Fernand Gerard
Laforest.  With the help of the US government, a couple of days
following said judgment, Avril sold his Boca Raton's sumptuous house and
fled the country.
Yep, Avril does have warrants against him in both the US and Haiti.
I wonder if Evans Paul and Serge Gilles, who are now Avril's acolytes in
this Convergence folly, have gotten their share of the judgment ($2.5
million) from the former scatological general (he once ordered that
opponents' headquarters be spread  with human waste).