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8089: Re: Posts #8082-8079-8073 About Prosper Avril (fwd)

From: Jean Jean-Pierre <jean@acd-pc.com>

> Indeed on June 30, 1994 United Sates Southern District Judge Wilkie
> Ferguson, Jr odered a $41,000.000.00 (case # 91-3999-civ-Ferguson)
> final judgment against Prosper Avril (Convergence) for having ordered
> the torture of  Evans Paul (Convergence), Jean August Mesyeux, Marino
> Etienne, Gerald Emile Brun, Serges Gilles (Convergence), Fernand Gerard
> Laforest.  With the help of the US government, a couple of days
> following said judgment, Avril sold his Boca Raton's sumptuous house and
> fled the country.
> Yep, Avril does have warrants against him in both the US and Haiti.
> I wonder if Evans Paul and Serge Gilles, who are now Avril's acolytes in
> this Convergence folly, have gotten their share of the judgment ($2.5
> million) from the former scatological general (he once ordered that
> opponents' headquarters be spread  with human waste).

jean jean-pierre