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8098: RE: 8058: Haitian Time (fwd)

From: Karen Davis <kdavis@marygrove.edu>

I'm sorry I left ANYONE with the impression that I actually believe my
Haitian husband when he derides us Detroiters for being late on "American
time," or when he says Haitians start on time. HA! Having travelled in Haiti
a few times, and attending MANY Haitian-American events here, I certainly
know better!
	In fact, one of our Haitian cultural groups held a poetry salon at
my college Sunday. I, of course, as one of the organizers, showed up 15 min.
early, to find only three group officers already on site. I was shocked to
find them there so early, but then they are the "younger" generation of
Haitian-Americans, born & raised here!
	True to form, the "3:00" event actually began around 3:45, by which
time MOST of the Haitian community had arrived, including the main
presenter, but of course a few others kept strolling in until we finished
about 5 PM.	
	And, really, in Detroit, that's not so unusual, since most events
operate by "CPT"--around 30-40 minutes behind schedule. 
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