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8099: Haitian/American Marriages (fwd)

From: LucMalou@aol.com To: corbetre@webster.edu Subject: Haitian/American

I would like to find some American women who are married to Haitians who
are interested in discussing via email (off Corbett list) all the culture
specific things that come up in a Haitian/American mixed marriage. 

I have been married to my Haitian husband for 3 years and have been in immersed in the Haitian culture for six.  But no matter how much I think I understand, "cultural issues" always come up, especially now that we have a child.  I would love share experiences and understanding with others in a similar position who have frequent contact with their Haitian extended family.  Please email me at lucmalou@aol.com.


Marian Pierre-Louis